Erin Hart

Business-savvy word guru.

Writer and editor with multi-channel, multi-industry experience in short- and long-form content. Valued equally for unparalleled attention to detail and strategic thinking. Brand champion.

Skills and areas of expertise include: technical writing and editing, marketing copywriting and copyediting, substantive editing, proofreading, project management, business management, and accounting.

Mission: to make the world more understandable, one sentence at a time.

Blog Post for Human Healthcare Management Organization

We’ve all seen it: Patients get behind in the management of the day-to-day details of their care. Doing it all by themselves can seem like a Herculean task, especially when they don’t feel good already. They don’t keep up with their medications, or maybe they forget to test their blood on schedule. Perhaps they don’t have transportation for that specialist appointment or can’t afford their medications.